Tree Removal, Trimming, Stump Removal, and Storm Cleanup

We're more than just a tree service, we're a sustainable solution.

From tree removals and trimming to storm cleanup, we’re branching out with a green touch. Embrace sustainability with our firewood offerings and benefit from our unique lumber buyback program. You’ve got wood, and we’ve got the axe-pertise. Join our green revolution today and let’s grow a better world together!

Tree Trimming

When it comes to trimming your trees, we don’t beat around the bush. We’ll get in, get out, and get your foliage looking good.

Tree Removal

It’s going down, we’re yelling timber! Our top-notch tree removal service at the Tree Network brings down unwanted trees like a lumberjack maestro, leaving your landscape cleared for a fresh start and plenty of potential to grow.

Stump Removal

Regardless if we took the tree down or it’s an existing stump, we’re more than happy to remove it from your property.

Storm Cleanup

Iowa weather is brutal on your trees. Rain, wind, ice, can all bring down branches onto your yard. Call us to clean it up.

About Us

Your trees, our legacy

John Nicholson, owner and operator of The Tree Network, grew up watching trees coming down in his father’s selective cut logging. As he watched the business around him, he saw that tree removal had a gap in the industry that he could fill. Here’s the deal: lots of those so-called tree removal outfits just grab your money and your trees, and poof, they’re gone, leaving you hanging. That’s where the Tree Network comes in.

Tree Network Tree Removal
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Why Choose Us

We're more than just tree trimmers

At the Tree Network, our skilled tree trimmers craft botanical wonders while our tree and stump removal specialists ensure safe landings for every timber tale. When storms strike, our eco-conscious cleanup brigade swoops in, leaving landscapes lush, and our commitment to sustainability thriving.

Years of Experience

In 2019, the seed that would grow into The Tree Network was planted. Over the years, that sprout blossomed into what we are today. We’ve learned so much along the way, we’ve branched out in our business, and have rooted ourselves in who we are.

Professional Team

We’ve got an arsenal of amazing people on our team here at The Tree Network. With all of our knowledge and experience combined, we truly push each other to be the best professionals we can be.

Growing trees, growing community

At the Tree Network, we believe in more than just growing trees – we're nurturing connections and fostering community bonds. Join us as we sow seeds of togetherness, one tree at a time.

How we work

We're here to help, from seed to sawdust​


Tap into our tree whisperer’s wisdom. Our complimentary consultations unlock the secrets of your landscape, pairing your tree dreams with our arbor experts' experience. Schedule your tree talk today!


Our tree planners wield their green thumbs like wizards, conjuring up a roadmap that leads straight to your personal Garden of Eden!


Leaf it to us! Based on your personalized plan for your arboreal needs, we’ll execute a tree-mendous transformation.

Looking for some firewood?

We didn’t start the fire–-but you can! Since sustainability is something we firmly be-leaf in, we find ways to make the most of every tree, which includes repurposing felled trees into premium firewood, providing you with the perfect opportunity to warm up your cozy nights while knowing you’re part of our eco-conscious journey!

Our work isn't done after the tree is down

Once we remove a tree, our journey continues with utmost care and precision, as we expertly mill the timber into exquisite, reclaimed lumber. But our story doesn’t end there! We’re thrilled to offer you the unique opportunity to purchase this sustainable lumber, becoming the author of your tree’s next chapter. Craft one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the legacy of your trees, while embracing the beauty of eco-consciousness in every creation.

Our quali-tree milled slabs, born from reclaimed lumber, carry the heartwarming heritage of our tree removals

Let’s get fired up. Help us keep our tree removal sustainable and take some firewood off of our hands here!

Discover our Mulch to Dirt magic and see how we take our trees and make them into nutrient-rich soil!

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You’re barking up the right tree. Let’s grow something extraordinary together!

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Let us be the roots of your tree care

You don’t need to have a green thumb to plant this seed!